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was founded in 1932. Nowadays USATU is a large scientific and educational, innovative and productive complex with well-known science schools that train qualified specialists at all levels. The academic year at USATU starts in September and ends in June (01.09-30.06). Bachelor's degree takes 4 academic years to complete; Specialist's degree takes 5 academic years; Master's degree takes 2 academic years; Doctor's degree takes 4 academic years. All faculties provide fulltime study. The applicants are enrolled according to the results of entrance examinations. Teaching and laboratory facilities of the university include 11 academic buildings with multimedia lecture halls, computer classrooms and laboratories with modern technical equipment; 7 scientific innovation centers, created jointly with RAS institutes and large companies; 35 international, inter-institutional, collaborative and problem oriented laboratories and branches of departments. USATU library is one of the largest university libraries in Russia.

Furthermore, there is a unique museum of aircraft engines in the University. The social infrastructure includes 9 buildings of dormitories (3573 accommodations), medical center for students, sanatorium, sports camps, catering facilities, sports facilities, conference rooms.

All foreign students live in a separate dormitory with the capacity of accommodation for more than 200 people. There is a gym, a reading room, self-service kitchens, showers, a laundry in the dormitory.

Sports and leisure activities are organized by sports and student clubs. Hobby and theater groups are based on the USATU Students' House; here different contests, concerts, shows and amateur performances are organized.

Fee in 1st year

Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee, Medical Insurance, Visa extension, Airport Pickup


Fee From 2nd year to 4th year

Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee, Medical Insurance