At last the dream of the numerous generations of seamen has come true: a new maritime educational institution, in which it is possible to get maritime education, has been founded.

For the present day, Kherson State Maritime Academy is a higher educational institution of the IVth accreditation level, which prepares specialists of a full range of navigational, shipbuilding and maritime working specialties.

As it is known a high level of cadets’ knowledge may be achieved only due to laborious work of the research and educational personnel of the educational institution, which consists of more than 600 persons, among which there are Doctors of science, Candidates of science, Professors, senior lecturers and also acting maritime specialists – Captains, Chief Mates, Chief Engineers, Electro-engineers etc. Besides, one cannot forget about technical equipment of laboratories and classrooms, without which it would be impossible to achieve the necessary level of cadets’ preparation level