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Rostov State Medical University was established in 1915 as a medical faculty of Warsaw based Russian University.

Moe group of education collaborates with Rostov State Medical University which operates 91 departments, employs over 800 people faculty members, 860 beds at the hospital, including 20 specialized departments, 18 medical-diagnostic units, 17 clinical departments, whose employees carry significant medical, counseling and teaching work.

MBBS in Rostov State Medical University provide 6 faculties, 200 advisory receptions for 37 occupations in which employs 130 professionals, including 17 doctors of medical science, 61 PhD, 21 heads of department. Where annually more than 7,000 MBBS students. Since 1925 there are 32000 MBBS students has been trained from the University of MBBS Russia.

The University of MBBS Abroad has its own clinic, which has 1000 beds, and apart from this has its bases in the largest city hospitals also, which enables the students to acquire sound practical knowledge and skills.

University buildings and clinics are provided with up-to-date equipment, and other modern appliances. There are 63 departments, 27 of them are clinical based in the best clinics of the city, more than 150 research and educational institutions function in RostSMU.

The University celebrates its 75 anniversary in 2005. Today the University possesses modern educational buildings, clinics and departments, institutes and faculties supplied with modern diagnostical and medical equipment for training high-qualified specialists in Russia.

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