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TheUniversity of South China- is a university in Hengyang, China. It was formed in 2000. The University of South China, with a nation-wide enrollment, is administered by Hunan Provincial Government, and co-funded by Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence and a few other ministries of the central government.MBBS Admission in china

University of South China (USC) is well recognized University in home and abroad.

USC is a Government owned university for 60 years, Majors are taught in English Medium.

The university began its international student education in 2008, and there are now more than 1200 students from 14 countries, most of them majoring in MBBS . Engineering .MBBS in top university of china. Top educational consultant of India for china

There are 7 subordinate and 16 non-subordinate affiliated hospitals, 8 affiliated hospitals for students� learning and 3 affiliated hospitals for students� clinical practice as well as 9 pharmacy practice bases for different needs.Moe group of education

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