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Vinnitsa National Medical University

History of the University

Vinnitsa National Medical University named after. MI Pirogov was founded in 1921 as Vinnitsa Pharmaceutical Institute. In 1930 the pharmaceutical institute was reorganized into the Vinnytsia branch of the All-Ukrainian Institute of Distance Medical Education. In 1932 the form of training was changed - the Vinnytsia Evening Industrial Medical Institute. At its base in 1934, according to the Order of the People's Commissar of Health of the Ukrainian SSR, the Vinnytsia Medical Institute was established. In 1960 the name was given to MI Pirogov. (Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic No. 1514 dated September 8, 1960). In 1984, for the high achievements and contribution to the development of higher medical education, the staff of the Institute was awarded the Order of Honor mark (Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of September 11, 1984). Decree of the Cabinet # 408 dated 15.06. In 1994 Vinnitsa State Medical Institute was granted the status of a university. And in 2002, by the decree of the President of Ukraine, the university was granted the status of the National with the change of its name at the Vinnytsia National Medical University. MI Pirogov

During the period since the University's educational institution was acquired, modern dental and pharmaceutical faculties were equipped and equipped with professorial teaching staff, 10 new departments were opened at the medical, pharmaceutical, dental faculties and postgraduate training faculty.

For many indicators of activity in the ratings of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine the university has for many years occupied leading positions.

The educational institution implements the developed concept of development, according to which its infrastructure, organization of educational process, personnel potential, level of training of specialists, scientific and medical-diagnostic work, material base and international relations correspond to branch standards of higher education and requirements of the Regulation on national institution. By order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the university was recognized as the basis for the development and implementation of a credit-modular form of organization of the educational process based on the provisions of the Bologna Declaration. In this respect, the necessary educational and methodological support is provided and the first-year medical schools of the Faculties of Medicine No. 1 and No. 2 are trained.

The President of Ukraine, the Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Ministers of Education and Health, the President of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, and the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada's Commission on Health Care met twice with the experience of the University in the last 4-5 years.

Forms of preparation - full-time and part-time. There are 6 departments: two medical (№ 1 and № 2) - medical specialty training, pediatrics, medical psychology; dental - specialty dentistry; Pharmaceutical - specialty pharmacy and clinical pharmacy; The faculty of postgraduate education carries out various forms of postgraduate training of physicians from 33 specialties.

The pharmaceutical faculty organizes part-time training of pharmacists. The University also provides licensed training for admission to higher education institutions of Ukrainian citizens (self-supporting preparatory courses - 500 persons a year); preparation of foreign citizens for admission to higher educational institutions (at the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens - 500 persons per year); training in clinical residency - 1500 persons per year; in internship - 2000 persons per year.

The volume of recruitment for full-time training of specialists and masters from licensed specialties of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is defined in the amount of 1740 people; part-time training in the specialty pharmacy is licensed in the amount of 350 people. Each year, the various forms of training at the University are carried out by more than 11,000 people.

The contingent of persons studying (including foreign citizens): students - 6560 (among them - 1030 correspondence forms of studying), interns - 2149 (during 2012), undergraduate students - 63, postgraduate students - 110, doctoral students - 1, clinical residents - 103, cadets of the faculty of postgraduate education - 2568 (during 2012). The total number of students studying during the calendar year was 11672 in 2012.

Since 1961 the university has been training foreign citizens. Various forms of training were carried out by more than 5,500 foreigners from 98 countries of the world. As of 01.01.13, 1334 foreign citizens carry out various forms of preparation at the university. As of January 1, 2013, the university has 1,646 employees.

The faculty has 812 people, including Doctors of sciences - 120, candidates of sciences - 554, professors - 75, assistant professors - 283, teachers without scientific degree - 138. Students' training, postgraduate training of doctors are organized at 55 departments, of which 49 departments are headed by doctors of sciences, professors. At 50 departments there is a staff reserve for the post of the head of the department.

The rectorate carries out purposeful work on the training of the personnel reserve among the best graduates who have proven themselves capable of scientific work in student years and have undergone training in the magistracy, postgraduate study. Each year the teachers are protected by 4-6 doctoral and 30-35 candidate's theses. In 2012, 11 doctoral and 113 candidate's theses were defended.

Structural Units of the University:

  •   6 faculties with 55 departments (39 departments of clinical profile, 16 theoretical ones), their departments, self-supporting preparatory courses;
  •   center of new information technologies (computer classes, television studio, printing house, department of computer polygraphy, Internet);
  •   a research center consisting of 7 research laboratories and an experimental clinic (vivarium);
  •   units, which ensure the functioning of university facilities, normal working conditions of university staff, the life of students in hostels, etc .;
  •   library, 6 licensed laboratories.

The material and technical base of the university is constantly improved and modernized at the expense of its own funds, based on the accepted concept of development of the University. The University has a sufficient number of audiences, laboratories, educational and administrative areas. Laboratories of departments, departments of the research center, units of the Center for new information technologies, lecture rooms, have modern equipment. Specialized hospital centers, where clinical departments are located, use in their work computer laboratory diagnostic equipment of well-known manufacturers.

The total area of educational-laboratory buildings (one of them is morphological) is 80896.5 sq. M., Including the educational-scientific-medical complex - the Institute for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, the sports building, the auditorium, the Research Center, the Scientific and Experimental Clinic (Vivaldi), a library, a new educational building is being built (with a library and a bookstore for 500 thousand copies, a palace of culture for 700 people). In the new training building the first stage was built, in which there are 4 departments of medical and pharmaceutical faculties, 2 lecture rooms for 250 people, premises for different departments of NDC, scientific and administrative parts of the university. Construction of the second stage of the new educational building - libraries - is under way. The training base is also the premises of the national museum-estate MI Pirogov. The total university teaching fund used in the educational process is 41426 sq.m. The academic area per student of the day-time form of preparation at the university meets the criteria and requirements for accreditation of training specialists at the level "Specialist" and "Master". The total area of clinical bases involved in the educational process is 72939 sq.m.

Lecture courses are available in 9 classrooms of university buildings and 12, auditoriums of clinical bases. Lecture classrooms and the assembly hall are equipped with modern multimedia systems. The total area of lecture rooms is 4944.9 sq.m. Lecture classrooms are designed for 3327 seats.

An integral part of the research center of the university is a research and experimental clinic (vivarium). Its area is 993 sq.m., the premises are equipped with all necessary for maintenance and reproduction of laboratory animals; the equipment of the clinic allows high-level scientific and educational work on medical and biological disciplines.

The computer park of the university is 780 computers, of which 680 are used in the scientific process and training of specialists, 100 in the management of the university. There are 32 computer classes. There are 14.2 computers for the 100 people who complete the on-the-job training, 100% of the computers connected to the Internet, the number of multimedia projectors is 80, the introduction of computer technologies in the educational process, scientific research, the operation of local networks is taken care of Established in 1991, the center of new information technologies, which includes computer classes, a television studio, a modern printing house, a department of computer polygraphy, an Internet site. The information server of the University operates. Computer animation is used.

The indicated equipment is used in the work of morphological, physiological, biochemical, educational and scientific complexes. With the participation of the material base of the research center of the university, laboratories and departments of the sanatorium Khmilnyk and the center "Health" of the Air Force of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, hospitals based on clinical departments, 39 scientific-educational-treatment-and-prophylactic complexes were created for introduction into the educational process and medical practice of modern methods and standards of treatment, diagnostics and rehabilitation of seriously ill.

The University annually employs more than 60% of extrabudgetary funds for overhaul, construction, acquisition of educational, scientific and medical diagnostic equipment, educational literature and periodical medical and biological editions.

The university has developed a comprehensive use of expensive computer laboratory diagnostic equipment equipped with units of a research center (spiral computer tomography, installations for endoscopic surgery, ultrasound examination devices, flow cytometric fluorescens, light microscopes "Leica" with the video system "Jena" "With a demonstration nozzle, a microscope PEM-100M, ultramicrotome UMPT-4; modern liquid chromatographs, an infrared spectrophotometer Srested 2b / R, an immunoassay analyzer STAT FAK 303 / RLUS, apar You ultrasound diagnostics "Ultramark 9", "Toshiba, SSA-220A", a complex analysis of lung function "Medgraphics" blood analyzer "Autoluzez AL820" computer system for ECG analysis, reovazohram, FEKH, pulsometry et al.). Clinical departments, which organize training on medical specialties, pediatrics, dentistry, pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, are located at the bases of specialized departments and centers of 24 medical and prophylactic institutions of oblast, city and other subordination in the cities of Vinnitsa, Khmelnytsky and Zhytomyr. The total fund for hospital beds on the bases of the departments is 7736. In the educational and medical-diagnostic processes, about 90% of the bed fund of the clinical bases is used. The department of city and regional hospitals, dispensaries, specialized centers, on the bases of which there are clinical departments, are equipped with modern laboratory and medical diagnostic equipment. The capacity of the clinic of clinical bases in the city of Vinnytsia is 3,089 visits, in Khmelnytsky-1725, in the city of Zhytomyr - 2100.

There are two health and fitness facilities for 200 people, the total area of their premises is 1172 sq.m. (on the Black Sea coast and the Yuzhny Bug River), a sanatorium-dispensary for 50 people, an outpost, a rifle, a ski base, a gymnasium and a gym, a stadium and sports grounds; Five student dormitories at the University with a design capacity of 3161 bed places and one dormitory for doctors of the postgraduate education faculty; 4 dining rooms and 5 buffets, student cafes, which meet the requirements of catering facilities.

Library with a book fund of over 560 thousand editions with three branches, reading rooms for 500 readers, necessary catalogs (including electronic ones) fully implements informational and methodological support of the educational process and research work. The active participation in the organization of teaching and methodological support for the training of doctors is carried out by the teachers of the departments. In 2012, they published 15 textbooks, 53 textbooks, 60 methodological developments and recommendations for students.

General Information

In the structure of the faculty, 38 departments, including 23 clinical and 15 theoretical ones. Among the departments there are 5 fundamental profiles, 4 humanitarian and socio-economic profiles and 31 professionally-oriented. There are 469 teachers at the departments , 336 of them (71.6%) have a degree, including 67 (14.3%), candidates of sciences 269(57.4%). Professors O.I. are winners of the State Prize of Ukraine at the Faculty. Gnatyuk, Assoc. VM Olkhov, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine Rector of the University Professor VM Moroz, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the High School of Ukraine prof. GK Paliy, 4 Honored Scientists and Technicians of Ukraine, Honored Inventors and Rationalizers of Ukraine, 2 Honored Education Workers of Ukraine, 16 members of International, Foreign and Alternative Academies, 8 Honored Doctors of Ukraine.

Lecture in the university hall

Almost all departments of the medical faculty number 1 are headed by doctors of sciences. At eleven departments, each teacher has a degree, and at twelve departments work 2-3 doctors of sciences. The highly-qualified faculty staff provides the introduction of new technologies and techniques in the educational process and medical practice. In the 2005/2006 academic year, the first-year course introduced a credit-modular form of student training, which required from the departments, the management of a significant work on organizational and teaching and methodological support.

Practical classes in human anatomy, biochemistry, pathomorphology, pediatric surgery, normal physiology and forensic medicine

Teachers of the faculty are actively working on the creation and publication of textbooks and teaching aids. Various publishing houses published textbooks and teaching aids, which were sponsored by professors and associate professors of the faculties OI. Gnatyuk, BF Мазорчук, П.П. Shaparenko, V.M. Moroz, I.J. Chaimzon, MV Yoltukhivsky, RP Piskun, VI Denisyuk, IV Sergey, B.M. Pukhlik, Yu.M. Mostovoi, SP Zhuchenko, T.V. Captain A.N. Guizruk, B.A. Bolykh, O.V. Moroz, VS Tarasyuk et al.

Teachers of many departments are involved in the development of curricula for the relevant disciplines, the creation of tests for which integrated medical licensing exams "Krok-1", "Step-2" are conducted.

The departments are computerized, equipped with programs of computer control, necessary teaching materials and modern medical diagnostic equipment.

Faculty members are involved in the implementation of five state health programs: a national program for the prevention of HIV infection, assistance and treatment for HIV-infected people and people with AIDS; the program "Oncology", the program "prevention and treatment of arterial hypertension", a comprehensive program "Diabetes mellitus", a national program to combat tuberculosis.

Genral Information

Medical faculty carries out training of specialists in the following specialties:

  • Specialty - 222
    "Medicine" Qualification- a doctor.
    Educational-qualification level - Master (222)
    Form of training - full-time (for budget funds and funds of legal entities and individuals).
    Training period - 6 years with the following internship from medical specialties of primary specialization: "General Practice - Family Medicine", "Obstetrics and Gynecology", "Anesthesiology and Intensive Care", "Internal Diseases", "Infectious Diseases", "Clinical Oncology", " Medical emergencies, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Pathological Anatomy, Psychiatry, Pulmonology and Phthisiology, Forensic Medical Examination, Urology "," Surgery ", etc.
  • Specialty - 228 "Pediatrics"
    Qualification - doctor-pediatrician
    Educational and qualification level - Master (228)
    Form of training - day (for budget funds and funds of legal entities and individuals). The term of studies is 6 years with the following internship from medical specialties of primary specialization: Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Traumatology, Children's Anesthesiology, Children's Otorhinolaryngology, Neonatology, with the following secondary specialization: Children's Neurology "," Children's Dermatovenereology "," Children's Nephrology "," Children's Infectious Diseases ", etc.
  • Specialty - 225 "Medical psychology"
    Qualification - a psychologist.
    Educational and qualification level - Master (225).
    Form of training - day (for budget funds and funds of legal entities and individuals).
    Term of studies - 6 years.

The teaching staff of the faculty has 593 people, including: 467 - professors and associate professors. More than 1200 students study at the faculty. Preparation is carried out at the stages of graduation (6 years) and postgraduate training - internship, faculty of postgraduate education. Masters' education is carried out on a part-time basis, and the term of training coincides with the term of study in an internship. During the training, students have the opportunity to undertake a full-fledged production practice. All clinical, fundamental and graduate departments involved in the preparation of the specialty "medicine", "pediatrics" and "medical psychology" are headed by doctors of science, professors.

Duration of MBBS in Vinnitsa National Medical University

Vinnitsa National Medical University as well as all the other major Medical Universities in Russia, offers the medical course (MBBS in ukraine) in the duration of 6 years.

University Overview

Founded in 1921, Vinnitsa National Medical University is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the small city of Vinnytsia (population range of 250,000-499,999 inhabitants), Vinnytsia Oblast. Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Vinnitsa National Medical University (VNMU) is a coeducational higher education institution. Vinnitsa National Medical University (VNMU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees in several areas of study. See the uniRank degree levels and areas of study matrix below for further details.

University Identity

Name Vinnitsa National Medical University
Acronym VNMU
Founded 1921

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