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Vitebsk State Medical University is the premier medical institution in the Republic of Belarus today. Its origin dates back to November, 1934. Vitebsk State Medical University is one of the most famous government Medical Universities in Belarus. VSMU is located in the city of Vitebsk in Belarus in East Europe. VSMU was founded in November 1934 and started enrolling foreign students in 1981. It has been in existence for over 75 years now and reckoned to be highly placed medical university in the whole of Europe. The academic plan is developed and maintained according to the European Qualification framework.

About Belarus
The Republic of Belarus is situated in the eastern part of Europe, bordering Russia in the north and east, Ukraine in South and Latvia, Lithuania, Poland in the west. (One-day travel time to Germany by Train). Belarus was formerly a part of the USSR (Soviet Union) and was known as the Byelorussian Soviet Republic. It consequently became independent. Minsk is the Capital of Belarus. The name Belarus Means 'White Russia', a tender and poetic name that befits the country in the best way. White means clean, fair and innocent. Likewise, the people of Belarus are humane, values stay eternal and it stands as a land of calmness.

Reasons to Study Medicine at VSMU University

  • State own university which Maintains a high level of education compatible with European standards and experience the richness of Europe
  • Total tuition fee less than 4 million. Hostel fees and cost of living, low and affordable in comparison to other places of equal standing.
  • Total student population of 7000 including more than 300 Sri Lankan students
  • English medium curriculum
  • Clinical training in state hospitals (20 teaching hospitals with a total bed capacity exceeding 10,700)
  • Focused European standard education with 10:1 student-teacher ratio.

250 highly qualified professors, senior lecturers, and assistants.

GSMU medical faculty students
36 departments, as well as a research laboratory, the research sector, the department of science and scientific and medical information publishing department, professors Advisory Centre and other structural units;

18 large hospitals with modern equipment, on the basis of which is trained; The clinical base of the University is one of the best in Belarus, where the advanced medical technologies on diagnostic and treatment of endocrinology, cardiologic, immunology, hematology, ophthalmologic, oncologic and other diseases are applied. over 3,000 (including more than 400 foreign) students enrolled in the faculties of the University; Regional center of scientific and medical information for health professionals; Foundation library of more than 256,000 items, including more than 73 thousand scientific literature; electronic library of the University - more than 2 million digitized documents; access to global information resources HINARI, eLIBRARY.ru, PubMed. Academic Library Foundation, which consists of 80 thousand. Educational publications in Russian and foreign languages helps students master the medical sciences;

The duration of the MBBS course is 6 years. Within the first three years students study fundamental sciences such as anatomy, histology, biology, chemistry, physics, Latin and other foreign languages, philosophy. Studies for the 4-6-year students are conducted at hospitals and polyclinics. They master internal and surgical diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, infectious diseases, oncology, neurology, pediatrics and many other subjects.

Graduates from the Gomel State Medical University get a diploma of a physician and a degree of a Doctor of Medicine. Then graduates undergo a one-year qualification apprenticeship: they work as doctors-probationers under the supervision of the skilled doctors.

Foreign students live in University Hostels with all the comforts, are able to communicate with one another within groups, celebrate national and religious holidays, to participate in national festivals and exhibitions.

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